Saturday, 18 September 2010

Gannet and Seal update

  While the kids were at parties this afternoon, I took a drive over to Westing to look for the Seal and also the Gannets at Lund. As the storm has now past and the wind prediction for the coming week is good, I'm hopeful that things will be better for the gugas. At Westing there was no sign around the coast line of the young seal, so lets hope it went back in the water at the last high tide and is ok.

  Over at Lund, there were 30 or 40 young Gannets in the bay and none on the beach although the Ravens were still around.

  Despite not doing much birding today, I did get a Barred Warbler and a Siskin by the post office as I went to post a letter which was rather nice.


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