Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A 'quick' trip south

Well here I am, a day and a half travelling from Unst and I've still not got to my destination in the Cotswolds. I left Unst yesterday morning at 8am and now won't get there until (hopefully) 10pm this evening. Of all the times to travel - when the country is covered in snow ! When I've actually got a train, the journey has been quite nice, countryside covered in snow, hundreds of Pinkfooted Geese flying past and even a sighting of Merlin from the train. So, the reason for this brief post ? Well I probably won't be posting for a week. If you have snow and are able, enjoy it; I'd certainly be rather doing that than on a crowded train.


1 comment:

Graham said...

Hi Robbie - you certainly choose an interesting time to travel....

Hope you're well. Chrs, Graham