Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The next chapter

Well, after a number of months of frustration and waiting, we finally got the keys to our new, old house - as I said previously the cottage part of it dates back around 300 years. We were formally handed the keys by the previous owners on Friday the 28th Jan, but we didn't move in until Saturday 29th Jan. Before we moved in last Saturday, I had a few hours out looking for the Rough-legs again, this time with four friends one of which was hoping for his first ever Rough-leg. Despite the fact it was pretty cold, it was quite a nice day - apart from the quite strong wind. It wasn't long before we saw both the birds and had some good views of them as they soared past us along the hillside.

Rough-legged Buzzard(s)

As we had just moved house, there hasn't been too much time to get out and about. Despite the very unsettled weather this week so far, there have been some really nice atmospheric type shots to be had (well I thought so anyway) Mostly with the sun low in the sky, shining through rain or mist................

A second brief vist to the west side, produced another sighting of one of the Rough-legs' and this time it was on the ground. It was impossible to get any closer due to the open terrain and as I didn't have the time to do 'wait and see' type photography, I had to be content with a large cropped picture. It was so far away I couldn't even see that it had its head turned away !......................

While out this morning doing some shopping (2nd Feb), I saw a Peregrine flying over which is an uncommon sight here. On returning home later I took a walk down the field to the foreshore and was delighted to see it perched on a fence post a couple of hundred yards away - a good 'garden' tick. It was being constantly harrased by gulls and Hoodies so it only stayed for a short while before it headed off across the sound.

Going back down the field later, I walked around a small area of marsh that floods with every high tide.I then noticed just over a low shingle bank, an otter curled up on a small group of sea weed covered rocks. The wind direction wasn't good but I decided to go and get the camera anyway. Returning to the pool, I plotted my route so as to not let the wind carry my scent across to the otter. Unfortunately my plan didn't take in to account the feeding Redshank that had been out of my view, it exploded into the air calling loudly as it sped away. The otter then lifted its head and even though it couldn't have caught my scent, crept into the water. I then managed to lie down behind some boulders for cover but it was too late, the otter had decided to leave and was heading east along the shoreline. Seconds later it passed in front of me and caught my scent, it stopped briefly before diving and wasn't seen again...................
 'I know you're there'


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