Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Iceland Gull update

  In the last post I mentioned an influx of Iceland Gulls, well it seems almost like an invasion ! Over the last few days when I've visited 'up north', the numbers of these lovely gulls around Skaw has risen steadily to eleven. Who knows how many have been passing through there as they are almost certainly not the same ones. Going around today, I counted 14 and down at Belmont Brydon had 32; also, down in Lerwick there were at least 21. Who knows what the real total is, it could be a hundred or more. Thanks to Mike on Nature in Shetland Facebook page for a link here and here in the Faroes, which makes interesting reading - if you're in to gulls. Just a couple more pics from the last few days........................

2nd winter Iceland Gull

  While over at Skaw late morning, I took a walk along the beach and noticed something on the rocks. It was soon obvious it was a small seal, but was it dead? Going around the rocks to approach it from the front, it was very much alive - and also surprised to see me. It was quite a large Grey Seal pup, which I presume, had hauled out for a nap while the adults looked on - I'd been followed by one in the water all along the beach. I only had my mobile with me, so I grabbed a shot as this was the first I'd seen hauled out at Skaw........................

Taken with my camera phone


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