Sunday 14 March 2010

Spring ?

I'm not going to build my hopes up too much, but it feels as though spring is not far away from these shores at the moment - although the cold northerly with occasional sleet or snows showers this morning would have made you think otherwise. Only this week there was the first sighting of frog spawn down in a ditch at Uyeasound and here in Baltasound, the first true spring visitors have arrived back in the shape of two Lesser Blackbacked Gulls.

It has been a fairly quiet few days as far as wildlife goes as I've not been out and about much. Yesterday I did take the girls out to a beach which I don't go to very often even though its only a ten minute walk from the car. If the wind is in the right direction - NE - then there can be some really big breakers coming in to the gently sloping sandy beach which makes for some good photo opportunities. What I was hoping for, was to get Fulmar flying along in front of the breaking waves, putting them in their environment - this isn't an excuse for not getting close enough - as in the picture below which I took last year, I like the picture but the Fulmar is too small.

Unfortunately, yesterday the wind was too strong which caused the wrong type of breakers ie instead of a long single line of breaking water, the breakers were quite erratic in the way they broke as they raced to the shore - if that makes any sense !

Despite not having many opportunities for shooting Fulmars, it was a good chance to sus it out for further visits. I think it will be better once the Fulmars are nesting on the cliffs close by and are passing back and forth more often. I also found lots of otter activity there which is something else I'll look into. I've yet to see an otter up around this part of the coast despite the fact that I've seen footprints both here and at another beach further north. I think that this is partly due to the fact that the cliffs are quite high and the shoreline is much less accessible.

One other reason that I've not been out is that I've now started a website with some of my pics on. Again just like this blog, it's early days, but I hope it will be slightly better organized into galleries than how it is on Photobucket at the moment. The link is still at the side but is here also - Galleries 

What you will notice is that at the moment, a lot of the images aren't labeled - but they all will be with a few days.


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