Thursday, 6 October 2011

BT or not BT that is the question

Sorry for the lack of posts, I had started one but last Friday our broadband went down and still isn't working. Contacting BT last Monday, they came up with the usual remedies of un plugging wires etc. This was despite me telling the person that there were numerous people here with the same problem (I learnt today there were 30 folk with no Internet ) BT finally came up and fixed the problem at the exchange, but we still have problems with the line. I spoke to the engineer at the exchange who tested the line and confirmed it was their problem. My problem is that I now have to ring the call centre again to report a fault and spend another 30 minutes answering questions to which I already know the answer.


MarkW said...

I know BT had a large problem a day or 2 ago as we were affected over here in West Wales.
I am stuck in a BT contract for another 3 months, then it will be bye bye to them!
Good luck with your phone calls, button pressing, etc. & may you get sorted eventually!

Graham said...

I've got BT Infinity and it is fantastic. The modem failed a month or so again, but they fixed within a couple of days...