Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Just a quickie

  Just a big sorry if anyone has received a suspect email/link that has come from me. It appears that I've had a worm or virus get in to my email address book and is sending out a link to a website which has nothing to do with me at all. If I do get any emails with a subject called 'Business Week' just delete straight away,  for the time being I'll reply using my ipod which hopefully will be ok.

  Back here on Unst, things are pretty quiet - in fact it's quite poor - with regards to any migrants, the winds have been wrong for several weeks now and so it seems that the autumn migration is over for this year. There is still time for some birds to come through - Waxwings for instance and maybe a few buntings or finches.  For the last two  weeks we've had either relations or friends staying so I've not done much solo wildlife stuff. Hopefully next week things will be back to normal - what ever 'normal' is !



Graham said...

As you know, I got one of those emails, but it went to my work address rather than my personal one........

No idea if the link is to a virus, but you're right to say delete immediately.

robbieb said...

Cheers Graham, from what I gather it was 'just' a malicious link to another website. I ran some software which picked it up (Spybot) when another one (PC Tools Spyware Doctor ) didn't. Fingers crossed.

By the way, Graham, a big congrats with the Lloyds art group stuff.


Christopher said...

Hi Rob have you been aware of any small diving ducks down at the shore below Ordaal? Saw one tonight a little bit east of you, white neck, black tail and wingtips and black (or darker) top of the head - quite a "delicate" wee bird, might have been a smew?

cheers Christopher

robbieb said...

Hi Christopher, (I assume that was you parked just along the road earlier this evening ?) Not seen anything duck like, there was a Slavonian Grebe out there last night - could that of been it ?

Christopher said...

Slavonian grebe, that will be it. Yes, that was my van, me and merran were out for "a hock ida ebb" (digging for clams) Getting short of daylight now though.